DMWC5 is up

DM Community presents : DeathMatch World Cup 5.

The AoE2:DE Deathmatch Community is extremely proud to announce the fifth installment of the annual reunion of all DM players: Deathmatch World Cup 5 with a prize pool of $10,000 USD! With DM World Cup 5, we intend to showcase a fast-paced, exciting game mode of AoE2:DE featuring the greatest DM players of the world.

Last year,  TheViper took the crown, making him the three time back-to-back world champion! In last year's grand final, after nine game of intense fights,  TheCode narrowly came up short of the crown. Every player is invited to participate in this tournament ! Take your chance to be the next king of the DM !

Every players are allowed to subscribe, take your chance to be the next king of the Death Match World Cup!